A top service for our customers

This service is directed to entrepreneurs who consider the accounting information an essential tool of management and decision making.

The Execution of accounting services and the corresponding technical accountability are made using materials own by our professional team, who perform among others, the following tasks:

- Separation, sorting and classification of documents;
- Registration and computer processing of documents;
- Accounting treatment of the processed data;
- Compliment of the legal and tax obligations within the period prescribed by law;
- Preparation, analysis and issuance of the financial statements of the company, including:
  • Monthly balance sheets;
  • Balance sheet;
  • Income statement by nature and functions;
  • Statement of cash flows;
  • Annex to the balance sheet and income statement;
  • Annual report;
And all other elements required of companies and are the responsibility of the accountant.

In the area of financial and management consultancy, XL Conta provides an integrated service with a wide and diverse range of services and solutions:

Financial Consultancy:
­­- Economic and financial analysis;
- Company restructuring and financial viability;
- Preparation of financial viability studies;
- Financial transaction preparation support;
- Investment projects;

Management Consultancy:
- Start-up support for new companies;
- Cost and budgetary accounting analysis and implementation;
- Internal systems/circuit analysis and set-up in company organisation;
- Reports and ratios on company economic and financial trends;
- Company streamlining;
- Banking negotiations support;