Know our services

Through analysis and understanding of the economic and financial income, we will maximise your company’s tax efficiency and profitability.

To render these services, the following tasks are generally performed:
•    Regular tax consultancy and monitoring;
•    Outsourcing services for tax-related areas;
•    Tax prevention/planning and analysis;
•    Tax return reviews;
•    Tax authority inspection support and monitoring;
•    Calculation and estimate of taxes at close of accounts;
•    Support in administrative litigation – hearing rights and complaints;
•    Structuring of salary levels;
•    Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Estimates;
•    Calculation of Deferred Taxes (ID);
•    Applicable System for Non-Resident Payments (DTI);
•    Value Added Tax (VAT) Procedures;

Tax planning
In order to ensure the best tax result for your business, it is essential to make a correct prediction of the activities and operations to perform and analyse the best tax environment for them.

Estimated Fiscal Results
Allowing to follow the evolution of your company during the fiscal year, we offer our customers the preparation of periodic pre-closures in order to reflect the monthly tax of the company.

With the preparation of the monthly fiscal scenario will know exactly how much is likely to pay or receive in terms of IRC.

Tax Accounting Supervisor
In situations where our customers internally possess the skills necessary to perform the accounting, we provide a monitoring and fiscal update service.

Provided in Outsourcing regime aims to support our clients accounting team, following the calculation, and submission of tax returns by the due dates and the preparation of management information reports needed for management bodies.

Fiscal review
For companies that internally run their accounts, but who wish to review and validation of the same, we performed the periodic review of their tax returns.
Thus, the XL Conta Team supervises the accounting work carried out in order to validate the documentation movements and accounting criteria.

Resolution of Situations Related to Tax Administration
In order to facilitate the relationship with the tax authorities and other entities, in particular in the treatment of various administrative processes, XL Conta offers a service of external relations, with the experience and knowledge of the following steps to better addressing the needs of our customers.

Complaints and disputes
In order to meet the needs, felt by companies in the defense of their interests with the various entities with intervention in business, XL Conta provides a specialized service to support the necessary technical basis.